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The World is Still Here

Posted by Corey Johnson on Monday, May 23, 2011,
To anyone who thought the world was going to end, what could you have done anyways. I feel sorry for those who sold everything they owned because they thought the end was near. I think this was stupid because even if the world ended you can't take your money to heaven. To anyone who believed this I'm sorry your wrong, I've talked with several people who have done extensive studies on the Bible an have not found any way to predict when the world will end

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Posted by Corey Johnson on Friday, May 13, 2011, In : Site Activity 
  • No one will use unoriginal works as their own.
  • Works will be written appropriately for high-school age group
  • Selling other persons work is illegal and will result in removal from the site in order to protect that persons work.
  • People may recommend work to friends, but will not print copies of someone's work is considered illegal.
  • If a author does get his book published he will be asked for permission by the cite manager for the ability to keep his work online, otherwise it will be removed.
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